6 arguments in favour of a vinyl underlay!

6 reasons you should install SELITBLOC® under every vinyl and design floor

underlays ensure the functionality and durability of vinyl floors. Our SELITBLOC® underlays in particular offer the following advantages:

1. Protection against damage in the event of unevenness

Nearly every screed has at least minor unevenness in some areas. SELITBLOC® underlays compensate for this unevenness and ensure level and void-free support.

2. Protection against marking on the base (telegraphing effect)

Vinyl floors are flexible and adapt to the base. As a result, there is a risk that the base will become visible on the flooring (telegraphing effect). SELITBLOC® underlays considerably reduce this risk.

3. Protection against boards slipping (joint formation)

The slip-resistant GripTec® surface of SELITBLOC® underlays prevents the boards from slipping and prevents joint formation.

4. Reduction of impact sound

Vinyl floors do not make much noise in the room itself but that is not the case in adjacent rooms. With SELITBLOC® underlays, the impact sound reduction can be increased from approx. 3 dB (without underlay) to up to 20 dB. This makes a significant contribution to being a good neighbour.

5. Reduction of walking sound

You can reduce the walking sound in your own room by up to 3 dB (A) with SELITBLOC® vinyl and design floor underlays.

6. Floor structure that protects your joints

The extremely pressure-resistant, and also shock-absorbing, foam core of SELITBLOC® underlays improves walking comfort and relieves pressure on the joints.