Many of the innovations that now dominate the market for underlays started in our development laboratory, making them true examples of SELIT quality.

Ideas that change the market

Close to the customer and always up-to-date with the latest developments on the market – this is how SELIT has been setting standards in the field of underlays for many years. With innovative product ideas that increase the load-bearing capacity and performance of floors and noticeably enhance the comfort for residents. Easy to install, durable and often developed in our in-house laboratory.

Our new developments in recent years show that the SELIT innovation engine is running at full speed:
the high-performance underlays made from extruded polyolefin foam (XPO), the SELITPRO® 2.2 mm AquaStop as the first underlay with TwinFoam™ technology, the SELITstop® Moulding Protection Belt to facilitate moisture protection in the wall connection area and the ‘three times as easy’ installation with easy lay®, easy click® and easy cut.