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Know-how, tips and tricks for installation underlays

Are you new to the world of installation underlays? We’ll help you learn what you need to know. Whether you are looking to develop basic knowledge or further expertise, find tips for successful installation or obtain an overview of standards and norms, the following pages provide you with a lot of valuable information to help you enjoy your floor even more.

SELIT glossary

You can find out more about these and other technical terms relating to installation underlays in our glossary.

Knowledge that
is useful
Know-how in the field
of installation underlays

Get the most out of your flooring

What are the advantages of installation underlays for laminate, are there uniform standards for vinyl underlays and how do you install underlay properly on wooden boards? These are just a few of the large number of questions you will be confronted with when considering installation underlay. Fortunately, you can get the answers from us and we’ll give you lots of valuable tips too.

Excellent quality
Made in Germany.

Quality made in Germany

Our installation underlay is produced at our company headquarters in Erbes-Büdesheim, Rhineland-Palatinate.
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Blue Angel

The Blue Angel guarantees that our products meet high standards in terms of environmental, health and performance properties.
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SELIT offers you the world’s first TÜV-tested installation underlays, which is proof of our uncompromisingly high quality.
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Emissions-tested: A+

In accordance with the French VOC regulations, our installation underlays achieve the lowest emission values and therefore feature the A+ mark.
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Approved by the building authorities

Stay on the safe side with SELIT: all our installation underlays are approved by the building authorities.
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