Our location

The heart of SELIT Dämmtechnik GmbH beats in Erbes-Büdesheim, Rhineland-Palatinate. Here, at the company site in the middle of “Rheinhessische Schweiz”, more than 100 million square metres of insulation materials are produced, assembled and stored each year. At the same time, our in-house research and development laboratory is continuously working on new, innovative products. Research, development, production… it all goes together at SELIT. For products that make a noticeable difference to your home.

SELIT Standort Erbes-Büdesheim

SELIT corporate headquarters

SELIT Unternehmenszentrale in Erbes-Büdesheim

Erbes-Büdesheim, SELIT Europe Headquarters
SELIT Europe
Production and sales site

Selitstraße 2
55234 Erbes-Büdesheim