What needs to be taken into account before laying commences?

SELIT checklist: What do I have to consider before installation?

It’s dead easy to start the installation process and suddenly notice that an important tool is missing. To prevent this from happening to you, here is a checklist with everything you need for the job, as well as some valuable tips for preparation and installation.

What you need

  • Folding rule / measuring tape
  • Cutter knife
  • Pen
  • Tools for cutting the flooring and skirting boards to size (e.g. spacer wedges, pulling iron, jigsaw, crosscut saw, laminate cutter, hammering block, hammer)

What you need to get from the hardware shop

  • A sufficient number of packages of installation underlay (approx. + 10% room size)
  • A sufficient number of packages of decorative flooring (approx. + 10% room size)
  • For mineral bases, damp-proofing or 2-in-1 product
  • SELITstop® aluminium sealing tape for masking the butt joints or for fixing
  • SELITstop® skirting board protective tape for standard-compliant damp-proofing in the wall connection area with mineral bases
  • Skirting boards and accessories

Please note before installation

  • Is the base level, clean, dry, resistant to tension and compression and have you checked that it does not contain any substances such as plasticisers, solvents or other diffusing substances (CEN/TS 14472)?
  • Is the base clean and have you completely removed any adhesive or paint residues?
  • Have you levelled all areas of unevenness larger than 4 mm?
  • Have you ensured that the base is in a state of equilibrium humidity and the CM value is below 2.0% (for cement screed) or below 0.5% (for anhydrite screed and anhydrite flowing screed)?
  • Have you left your floor to acclimatise in the room according to the floor manufacturer’s instructions?

Once you have observed these points, you can start the installation process. You will find installation instructions on the back of our product insert. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing your flooring.