Why are laminate underlays / wood flooring underlays necessary?

Why do I need impact sound insulation?

Every laminate floor has to withstand quite a bit of wear and tear over the course of its service life, from daily use as well as from heavy pieces of furniture. A high quality underlay ensures that it can withstand this load and that you can enjoy your flooring for a long time. As the connection between the floor coveringing and the base, it carries out the following important functions.

It ensures proper installation

The right underlay levels out unevenness and thus creates a level installation surface, which is a central requirement for floating installation and provides reliable protection against damage to your floor.

It protects your floor permanently

This includes protection against damage caused by daily use and falling objects, as well as protection against rising residual moisture.

It improves the properties of your floor

Good underlays reduce impact sound and walking sound and have a positive influence on thermal insulation and walking comfort.