Laminate underlays |
Wood flooring underlays

Cosy, comfortable, natural – wooden floors are popular. Our underlays ensure that they deliver what they promise. Whether you are using SELITPRO® with innovative TwinFoam™ technology, SELITAC® as an all-rounder for all applications or ÖKOLIT® made from renewable raw materials, we have the right option for every floor.

What’s underneath
is important
Laminate underlays | Wood flooring underlays

A strong foundation for your floor

Underlays by SELIT protect your valuable laminate or wood flooring from damage caused by loads or falling objects and compensate for minor unevenness. Besides, they are easy on the ears... both yours and your neighbour's. Thanks to excellent impact and walking sound insulation, the room itself remains nice and quiet, as does the floor below. Find out more about our large selection of TÜV-certified underlays for laminate and wood flooring now!