For which substrates are SELIT underlays suitable?

The subfloor is a decisive factor in selecting the right underlay.

A distinction is generally drawn between two subfloors: mineral subfloors (screed, concrete or asphalt) and wooden subfloors (e.g. old wooden floorboards). However, the installation of floating wood, laminate and vinyl flooring is also possible on PVC, linoleum and tiles.

Basically, it must be ensured that the subfloor is free of plasticisers, solvents or other diffusing substances. If this is not the case (e.g. with linoleum and PVC floors), a moisture protection film is necessary to block these substances before installing the underlay.

SELIT offers the right underlay for each of these applications.


Installation on mineral substrates and tiles:

The SELITPRO®, SELITAC® and SELITBLOC® underlays with AquaStopTM function as well as the 2-in-1 combination products of the SELITFLEX® series are equipped with moisture protection and are therefore ideal for mineral subfloors and tiles as well as for PVC and linoleum floors.

You can recognise SELIT’s AquaStop™ products by the AquaStop™ logo on the product inlay and the gold or silver foil. For standard-compliant execution, the joints must be sealed with the SELITstop® Aluminium-Foil Sealing Tape and the wall connection area with the SELITstop® Moulding Protection Belt in a water vapour-tight manner.


Installation on wooden substrates, linoleum and PVC.

The SELITPRO®, SELITAC® and SELITBLOC® underlays without AquaStopTM function as well as the products of the ÖKOLIT® series and the BASIC underlay are suitable for direct installation on wooden subfloors – In combination with a previously installed moisture protection film (SELITstop® Comfort Vapour Barrier or SELITstop® PE Vapour Barrier), they can also be installed on mineral subfloors, tiles as well as on PVC and linoleum floors.

Caution: AquaStop™ products should never be used on wooden substrates! There is a risk of mould infestation because wooden subfloors have an inherent moisture content and the moisture protection restricts or completely prevents the necessary diffusion.