Comfort Vapour Barrier

Vapour barrier to prevent residual moisture
With mineral bases, a vapour barrier is necessary to protect the floor from damage caused by rising moisture.
The SELITstop® Comfort Vapour Barrier consists of an AquaStop™ film and fleece. This combination is particularly flexible and is also easy to install in the edge area close to the wall. The fleece provides efficient moisture protection properties and prevents damage to the film. The SELITstop® Comfort Vapour Barrier is suitable for installation over underfloor heating systems.

AquaStop™ film - highly effective moisture protection

  • Protection against rising residual moisture
  • Robust thanks to fleece backing
  • Suitable for underfloor heating systems
Order number 70480
Dimensions 1 x 26 m
Package contents 26 m²
Why Comfort Vapour Barrier

Easy to process

Easy to cut
due to printed grid

Installing Comfort Vapour Barrier –

a step-by-step guide

Cleaning the surface

Cleaning the surface

Step 1
Clean the surface thoroughly with a brush or vacuum cleaner. Remove any adhesive and paint residues completely. Please follow the instructions of the floor manufacturer as binding specifications.

Applying the moisture protection

Applying the moisture protection

Step 2
Cover the entire room with SELITstop® Moisture protection. Allow the joints to overlap by approx. 5 cm and seal them in a vapour-tight manner with SELITstop® Aluminium-Foil Sealing Tape.

Implementing the wall connection

Implementing the wall connection

Step 3
In the wall connection area, place the film in a trough-shaped position at approx. 3 cm and fix to the wall with SELITstop® Aluminium-Foil Sealing Tape. Alternatively, use the pre-notched SELITstop® Moulding Protection Belt to protect against moisture in the wall connection area. In this case, install the moisture protection film flush with the wall.

Technical data (according to EN 16354)
Material AquaStop film + non-woven
Water vapour diffusion resistance (SD) ≥ 100 m


SELITstop Komfort-Feuchteschutz Produktinformationsblatt
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SELIT Catalogue
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Excellent quality
Made in Germany.

Emissions-tested: A+

In accordance with the French VOC regulations, our underlays achieve the lowest emission values and therefore feature the A+ mark.
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