You need a special skirting wherever water is involved. We have the right one. SELITSTYLE® skirtings are 100 % waterproof and they can do much more too. These skirtings are also in a league of their own in terms of design, environmental protection and handling.

The perfect choice
for all moisture locations
Waterproof skirtings

A skirting like no other

SELITSTYLE® skirtings are made entirely from paint and polystyrene granulate. This makes them 100 % waterproof and the ideal choice for bathrooms etc. Choose SELITSTYLE for your health because these skirtings are free from PVC, plasticisers and formaldehyde. The assembly and disassembly process is very easy thanks to the "backnail" developed by SELIT. The environment also benefits from SELITSTYLE® skirtings. After all, they are made from 100 % renewable energy sources, consist of 80 % recycled material and are 100 % recyclable.