What sets of rules and regulations are there?

EN 16354

Since October 2018, there is the European Standard EN 16354. This official document of the European Commission addresses all relevant criteria of a laminate flooring underlayment, defines the test method to be followed and sets out the basic minimum requirements. This ensures that the specified product properties are comparable and that the underlayment comply with the minimum requirements of CEN.

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Technical leaflets EPLF® and MMFA

The two similarly structured technical data sheets of EPLF® and MMFA are based on EN 16354. For all relevant requirements that underlayment must fulfil, the data sheets provide explications and specific recommendations with regard to the technical data. Thus, minimum requirements are already defined here, which an underlayment should fulfil depending on the type of floor covering. The leaflets also specify recommendations for higher requirements for underlayment, which are recommended for a floor service class of 31 or higher.