How to achieve successful installation on wooden floorboards

Floating installation on old wooden floorboards is a special installation situation that requires some preparatory work. This is because the boards often have a concave hollow layer and are higher at the edges than in the middle. The distances between the boards are also often very large.
If major unevenness occurs in problem areas like this, then this must be levelled out in advance. This can be done by means of special wood levelling compounds (partially fibre-reinforced) or, in the case of very significant unevenness, with a dry fill and subsequent installation of OSB boards / installation panels as the floor base.

It is essential to choose an underlay without AquaStop™ technology for installation, as the moisture that would otherwise be blocked off may damage the wooden base. We recommend SELITAC® 5 mm, SELITAC® 3 mm or SELITAC® 2.2 mm.

Depending on the thickness, a SELIT underlay (e.g. SELITAC® 5 mm) can independently compensate for more minor unevenness in some places on the boards.