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Quality assurance

SELIT installation underlays are branded products of the very highest quality. In order to maintain this standard, we produce using the very latest extrusion technology.

As part of our ISO-certified QM system, all jobs are carried out on the basis of detailed work and test specifications. This includes detailed production parameter tests, detailed inspections of incoming and outgoing goods complete with comprehensive documentation.

Our objective is to offer first-class solutions without neglecting environmental and social interests. Viewed in this broad sense, quality assurance is our top priority. With this in mind, SELIT has implemented two-stage assurance of product quality. On the one hand, quality is verified in the laboratory by means of standardised test procedures on the starting material and the end products. On the other hand, quality tests are conducted on a daily basis directly in the product workflow. This results in consistently high product quality that lives up to the good reputation of SELIT as a brand-name manufacturer.

Quality assurance at SELIT Laboratory
Reaction to fire SELITFLEX vs. Cork

Laboratory video

The SELIT laboratory


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