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Product development

Here at SELIT, our mission is to deliver innovative product ideas that improve the performance of flooring systems, protect against damage to floor coverings, and improve the comfort of residents. With our products, we want to help ensuring that underlays can be laid quickly and easily, yet professionally. SELIT products ensure that you can enjoy your floor covering for many years.

In order to remain being the driver of innovation in the industry, we have to have an instinct for the wishes of our customers while keeping a close eye on developments in the floor coverings market – only by doing so can we continue to develop the innovations to meet future demands. Our revolutionary new developments of the last few years show that the engine of innovation at SELIT has been running at full speed: SELITPRO® 2.2, mm AquaStop as the first underlay to use TwinFoamTM technology, the SELITstop® Sealing & Spacer Belt which makes it much easier to lay laminate flooring and moisture protection in the wall connection area, or the use of the easy lay®, easy click®, and easy cut® for laying that is three times easier.

Many of the innovative new products start out in our in-house SELIT laboratory. This not only allows us to track the development of a product from start to finish, but also to verify our high standards of quality and performance at the development stage.

Product development at SELIT Laboratory
Walking noise measurement
SELIT innovations

Discover here the product innovations from 30 years of experience.

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