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Sustainability born of responsibility

The world is changing at breakneck speed. Increasing scarcity of resources, environmental and climate burdens along with demographic changes have far-reaching consequences for our way of life. Only a sustainable economy that takes ecological and social issues into account along with economic requirements can hope to have a long-term future.

Energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001

The introduction of an energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001 in the administrative and production areas implemented more efficient use of energy resources in the company. In this context, the participation and involvement of all employees in the resource-saving philosophy is an important element.

Recycling the product materials

At our site in Erbes-Büdesheim, we produce using the latest extrusion technology. Furthermore, all polystyrene waste from the production lines is recycled using our ultra-modern recycling plant and fed back into the production process, which helps reduce the burden on our environment. Thanks to the high insulating effect of the polystyrene products, less heating is required – which in turn reduces CO2 emissions and delivers a boost to our environment.

FSC® certification

The FSC® was established in order to stem the global destruction of forests and to protect forests from overexploitation. The objective is to preserve forests and to promote responsible forest management practices in order to protect the needs of future generations. From logging to the final transaction – every step is monitored. Therefore, the FSC® label stands for responsible wood and paper. It also documents that the product originates from responsibly managed forests. In 2008, we had our ÖKOLIT® wood fibre panel certified in accordance with FSC® guidelines.

Energiemanagement Zetifiziert nach DIN EN ISO 5001:2011
FSC Zertifiziert

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