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Product innovations

Since its foundation, SELIT has been developing revolutionary products with a pioneering spirit in order to improve today's housing and living conditions. This concept of innovation and market leadership, of thinking ahead, of realising creative products – products that will improve well-being in homestead, that will save energy and protect the environment, is firmly anchored in our culture to this day and is the basis of our company's success.

Radiator reflection panel

Clima Isoflex Radiator reflection panel from 1980

SELIT introduced its first product innovation in 1980. At a time when "saving energy" and "green electricity generation" were still foreign concepts, the company was already thinking far ahead of its time and developed a simple solution for conserving energy that could be retrofitted to dwellings. To this day, the radiator panel remains - its design virtually unchanged - the simplest and most effective renovation solution in window recesses behind radiators.

OPTITRON® Interior insulation panel

OPTITRON Interior insulation panel from 1984

In 1984, the OPTITRON® interior insulating panel proved to be the perfect complement to the existing SELIT system of interior insulating solutions and allowed SELIT to become a leading provider of insulating systems for interior use. Thanks to its ease of installation and high efficiency, OPTITRON® also quickly achieved a high level of acceptance among professional users.

SELITAC® laminate / parquet underlay

SELITAC Verlegeunterlagen von 1994

With the development of the first SELITAC® underlay made from extruded polystyrene saw SELIT met the strong growth in demand for laminate floors and added thereby a second product division to the portfolio. This individual panel formed the basis for the SELIT Group's subsequent success in the area of installation underlays. Thanks to its exceptional properties, SELITAC foam still forms the basis of the majority of premium products in the SELIT portfolio to this day, and is even used in industrial applications. 

SELITAC® as a roll


The introduction of SELITAC® PS marked the addition of rolled material to the SELITAC product range. The advantages of rolled material over individual panels quickly helped SELITAC® PS become a top seller. Back then, it was still produced using the neutral white foam, but this was soon replaced by the - to this day - characteristic mint green colour.

SELITFLEX® as endless folding panel

SELITFLEX endless folding panel

SELITFLEX® 3 mm heralded the start of production of the endless folding panel. As a result of the new format, the storage, transport, and laying of underlays was significantly improved and simplified. In addition, SELITFLEX® in folding panel format was equipped with the AquaStopTM technology already familiar from the rolled material.

Threetimes simple

SELITAC 5 mm AquaStop from 2010

The introduction of SELITAC® 5 mm AquaStop in 2010 saw 3 laying features presented in a single product for the first time. The combination of easy lay® endless folding panel technology, the easy cut® imprinted cutting grid, and the introduction for the first time of the easy click® click-fit contour revolutionised the processing of installation underlays. Since then, the following slogan applies: SELIT installation underlays are "three times simple to process!"

SELITBLOC® vinyl flooring underlay

SELITBLOC vinyl flooring underlay from 2012

When the first click-fit vinyl and design floors appeared in DIY chains at the beginning of the new decade, one thing was clear: A suitable installation underlay would have to be found. With the help of our application and development laboratory, the SELITBLOC® vinyl and design flooring underlay was developed and launched on the market in 2013. SELITBLOC® was specially adapted to meet the requirements of modern LVT floor coverings. What sets SELITBLOC® apart is its pressure stability and the innovative GripTecTM surface that prevents the floorboards from sliding due to the horizontal forces acting on them.

TwinFoamTM Technology

SELITPRO 2,2 mm AquaStop with TwinFoam from 2015

In 2015, SELIT developed nothing less than a new generation of installation underlays. With TwinFoamTM technology - a combination of two different foam types - the world of the underlay was simply revolutionised. Until now, a single underlay that combined the respective benefits of more flexible installation underlays with those of rigid installation underlays was simply unheard of! The first product to feature TwinFoamTM technology is SELITPRO® 2.2 mm AquaStop.

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