3 mm AquaStop

Heavy-duty underlay with moisture protection
High load-bearing capacity, efficient protection against falling objects and compensation for small areas of unevenness: TwinFoam™ technology combines the best of many worlds and is also great for the neighbours thanks to a reduction in impact sound of up to 22 dB. The SELITPRO® 3 mm Aqua Stop also has an AquaStop+™ surface. This means that it provides optimum protection against rising moisture. An underlay for particularly high standards.

Highly resilient due to hybrid foam

  • TwinFoam™ technology: Combination of 2 high-performance foams
  • Excellent impact sound reduction
  • With vapour barrier against residual moisture
Order number70647
Thickness3 mm
Dimensions1.2 x 6 m
Package contents7.2 m² + Tape
Why 3 mm AquaStop

Easy to process

Easy to install
as a folding panel

Secure connection
with click system

Easy to cut
due to printed grid

Protects the floor from damage

Protection against
loads and use

Protection against
falling objects

Protection against
rising moisture

Protection in
uneven areas

Increases living comfort

Reduction of
walking sound

Reduction of
impact sound

Thermal insulation
for cold floors

Installing 3 mm AquaStop –

a step-by-step guide

Before installation, please note: Check the base in accordance with CEN/TS 14472 and ensure that the quality of the base is suitable for proper processing. In general, the base should be clean, level, dry, resistant to tension and compression and should not contain any substances such as plasticisers, solvents or other diffusing substances. It must be ensured that the base is in a state of equilibrium humidity and that the CM value is below 2.0 % (for cement screed) or below 0.5 % (for anhydrite screed and anhydrite flowing screed).

Cleaning the surface

Cleaning the surface

Step 1
Clean the surface thoroughly with a brush or vacuum cleaner. Remove any adhesive and paint residues completely.

Laying out the first panel

Laying out the first panel

Step 2
Lay the first panel of the underlay flush with the wall over the entire width of the room. Make sure that the aluminium side is at the top.

Masking joints

Masking joints

Step 3
To protect against moisture, seal possible joints with SELITstop® Aluminium-Foil Sealing Tape to make the joints vapour-tight.

Masking the wall connection area

Masking the wall connection area

Step 4
To protect the wall connection area from moisture, we recommend SELITstop® Moulding Protection Belt.

Installing the flooring

Installing the flooring

Step 5
Lay the flooring in the same orientation as the underlay. Do not place any load on the underlay. If necessary, place the board under your knees/feet to distribute the load.

Finishing the installation

Finishing the installation

Schritt 6
Repeat steps 2 – 5 until the entire floor has been installed. Connect the individual panels of the underlay using the easy click®+ contour. Tape the joints with the Aluminium-Foil Sealing Tape to make them vapour-tight.

Technical data (according to EN 16354)
Punctual conformability (PC)up to 2 mm
Compressive strength (CS)≥ 120 kPa
Compressive creep (CC)≥ 25 kPa
Dynamic load (DL25)≥ 1,000,000 cycles
Resistance to large ball (RLB)≥ 140 cm
Water vapour diffusion resistance (SD)≥ 200 m
Thermal resistance (R)~ 0.09 m²K/W
Impact sound reduction (IS)up to 22 dB
Reaction to fire (RTF)Efl
*Suitability for underfloor heatingNo

Meets the increased requirements of the EPLF and MMFA (Group 1)


SELITPRO 3 mm AquaStop Produktinformationsblatt
Size: 2 MB
Catalogue 2020
Size: 5.2 MB
Excellent quality
Made in Germany.

Emissions-tested: A+

In accordance with the French VOC regulations, our underlays achieve the lowest emission values and therefore feature the A+ mark.
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Approved by the building authorities

Stay on the safe side with SELIT: all our underlays are approved by the building authorities.
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