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SELITprotect protective foam planks

The polystyrene foam planks known under the SELITprotect® brand name are ideally suited for use in protecting delicate goods. Available in various thicknesses and individual plank sizes, SELITprotect® has been in use for more than 10 years for the widest variety of applications in product and transportation protection. Thanks to its unique properties, SELITprotect® provides optimum conditions for protection against many influences, such as vibration and temperature.

This results in the following advantages in the product's application:

  • Exceptional damping characteristics avoids breakages
  • Clean, level and smooth surfaces avoid friction damage
  • The perfect flexibility of the foam provides optimum protection for transport goods
  • Very high (long-term) compression strength makes it also suitable for heavy objects
  • Since the foam does not absorb moisture, it is also suitable for outdoor use
  • Very high insulating properties for cold or hot transport goods



Product advantages

Schutz vor Beschädigungen, Temperatur- schwankungen und Feuchtigkeit

Protects against damage, temperature fluctuations and moisture

Ausgezeichnete Dämpfungseigenschaften  (Stöße und Schwingungen)

Excellent cushioning properties (shocks and vibrations)

Enorm hohe Druckfestigkeit (langfristig)

Enormously high compression strength (long-term)

Beständig gegenüber fast allen Baustoffen und vielen Chemikalien

Resistant to almost all building materials and many chemicals

Feuchtigkeitsunempfindlich (keine Fäulnis,  Verrottung, Schimmelbildung)

Resistant to moisture (no decay, rot, mould build-up)

Staubfrei, Anti-Allergisch und geruchsneutral

Dust-free, anti-allergic and odourless

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