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SELITAC pre-attached underlayment for laminate floors

The polystyrene foam known under the SELITAC® brand name with its different foam types is ideally suited for use as pre-attached underlayment of laminate floors. For over 10 years, SELITAC® has been used in this application area. SELITAC® also enjoys extremely high acceptance among retailers and processors in the accessories area (loosely laid).

In addition to unique product characteristics, SELITAC® laminate underlays for pre-attachment also offer numerous advantages for the production process. As a result of our continuous contact and exchange of experience with our customers, SELITAC® has been perfectly adapted to the production environment in the laminate flooring industry and therefore optimises its workflows and production processes. All modern laminating plants operated by well-known manufacturers are already designed and optimised for SELITAC® foams.

SELITAC® can be customised to your requirements:

  • Different foam qualities
  • Individual colours
  • Different thicknesses and formats
  • Custom imprints or prints
  • Cut to size or large rolls



Product advantages

Sehr gute Gehschallminderung

Excellent walking noise reduction

Enorm hohe (Dauer-) Druckfestigkeit zum Schutz der Klick-Systeme

Enormously high (long-term) compression strength to protect the click-fit connection

„Green Product“, da 100 % recycelbar

„Green Product“ (100% recyclable)

Antiallergisch und Geruchsneutral

Anti-allergic and odourless

Enorm hohe Trittschallreduzierung

Very high impact sound insulation

Perfekter Ausgleich punktueller Unebenheiten

Self-levelling of uneven subsurfaces

Feuchtigkeitsunempfindlich und alterungsbeständig

Resistant to humidity and aging

Hemmt das Wachstum von Schimmel und Pilzen

Prevents growth of mould and fungi

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