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Private label products

Private label products

We can help you realising your modern own brand with a successful concept.

From product idea and development all the way to implementation and production  - we are your strong and reliable partner. Working closely with our customers, we develop innovative products and product lines under the customer's in-house brand.

We can also develop your strong new brand completely with packaging and advertising materials in our own, internal graphics department. Here, we can offer you a highly diversified portfolio of services: individual product designations, packaging forms, images, graphic designs, etc. We supply market-oriented solutions and sales-driven ideas for the point-of-sale.

Product quality and USPs will help to place and sell your product on the market quickly and successfully. Organised logistics, efficient supply chains, and a high degree of production flexibility guarantee maximum customer satisfaction.


  • Joint product development at the dedicated SELIT testing and development laboratory
  • Fully customisable
  • High production flexibility
  • Marketing and graphic design services

SELIT Europe

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  Phone.: +49 (0) 67 31 / 96 70 - 0


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