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SELITAC® laminate underlays

SELITAC Laminatunterlagen zur Direktkaschierung

For pre-attachment

The polystyrene foam known under the SELITAC® brand name with its different foam types is ideally suited for use as pre-attached underlayment of laminate floors. SELITAC® enjoys extremely high acceptance among retailers and processors.

SELITBLOC® vinyl underlay

SELITBLOC Vinylunterlage

The ideal vinyl underlay for every application

SELITBLOC® vinyl underlay is the best underlay for elastic and semi-elastic floor coverings.

With different pressure stabilities, numerous top surface variants and a wide variety of formats, SELITBLOC® can be optimally adapted to the floor covering, the application area, and the laying situation. Flexible and versatile - SELITBLOC®

SELITprotect® protective foam planks

SELITprotect Produktschutzplatten

For safe transportation

The SELITprotect® foam planks made of extruded polystyrene are ideal for product protection and transport protection of delicate goods.

In various thicknesses and individual plank sizes SELITprotect® has been in use for years across the most diverse sectors. Outstanding damping and insulating properties offer transport goods ideal protection against numerous influences, such as vibrations and temperature. 

Private Label products

Private Label

Excellent opportunities with private labels

Put a personal stamp on your products and strengthen customer loyalty and your brand image with dedicated brand labels. The professional requirements of own brands in terms of quality, innovation, differentiation, service and delivery times are the strengths of our private label offerings.

In this case, SELIT provides outstanding flexibility across all areas. On request, we can also design the packaging to your specifications. Alternatively, you can instruct your agency to provide us with finished print documents.

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