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New website online

SELIT launches new website with detailed product information and the brand new SELIT Academy.

With a completely new look and a broad range of information about underlayments - this is the after the relaunch.

In addition to the complete product portfolio of flooring underlayments, including full information, the site now also has the brand new SELIT Academy included. In this area almost every question on the subject of the underlayment will be answered. A large knowledge pool - filled with many expert informations.

But not only on the surface - even "under the hood" was changed a huge amount. The site now meet many W3C standards, is programmed barrier-free and responsive, and uses the official web standards HTML5 and CSS3. Thus, the website also runs smoothly on almost any mobile device.

Of course SELIT provides the web presence in 2 languages - German and English.

Press-Contact/ Contact Person

  Mrs. Lydia Bober
  +49 6731 96 70 - 537

SELIT Europe

  Selitstraße 2
  D-55234 Erbes-Büdesheim
  Phone.: +49 (0) 67 31 / 96 70 - 0


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