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SELITBLOC 1.5 mm GripTec

The perfect underlay for vinyl and design floors!

SELITBLOC® 1.5 mm GripTec is the ideal insulating underlay for modern vinyl and design floors. Its pressure-stable foam core provides reliable protection for the floor covering against damage. In addition, the innovative GripTec® surface prevents the individual floorboards from slipping.

Thanks to the exceptional noise insulation characteristics, particularly for impact noise, SELITBLOC® improves living comfort by creating pleasant room acoustics.

SELITBLOC® is suitable for all floating vinyl and design floors with a minimum thickness of 4 mm. It can be used both in damp rooms as well as over underfloor heating systems.

Protects the floor

Keine Beschädigung bei Unebenheiten
Protects against damage in the event of subfloor imperfection
Kein Abzeichnen des Untergrundes
Protects from telegraphing caused by the subfloor
Kein Verrutschen der Dielen (Fugenbildung)
Protects against sliding of floor board

Improves living comfort

Reduzierung des Gehschalls
Reduces walking noise in room
Reduzierung des Trittschalls
Reduces impact sound in room below
Gelenkschonender Bodenaufbau
Shock-absorbing flooring structure

Ingeniously simple to process

easy lay - Genial einfach zu verlegen
easy click - Genial einfach zu verbinden
easy cut - Genial einfach zu schneiden
Technical Data (according to CEN/TS 16354)
Punctual conformability (PC)up to 1 m
Compressive strength (CS)≤ 500 kPa ≈ 50 t/m2
Compressive creep (CC) ≤ 35 kPa
Dynamic load (DL75) ≥ 250.000 Cycles
Coefficient of friction μD (ISO 8295) ≥ 0.8
Impact sound reduction (IS) up to 20 dB
Water vapour diffusion resistance (SD) ≥ 100 m
Water absoprtion ≤ 1 %
Thermal resistance (R) ∼ 0.04 m2K/W
Reaction to fire (RTF) Efl
Product data
Article number 73631
Thickness 1.5 mm
Format 1.18 x 8.5 m
Package content 10 m2
Compatibility with underfloor heating Yes, if vinyl flooring R < 0.11 m2K/W

Boden kehren
1 | Clean subfloor
Unterlage auslegen
2 | Lay out first underlay row
Stöße abkleben
3 | Mask edges
Dicht- und Distanzband verlegen
4 | Seal wall connection
Vinyl verlegen
5 | Verlegen Sie den Vinyl- und Designboden
Schritte wiederholen
6 | Repeat steps 2-5

SELITBLOC vinyl / design flooring underlay

Comparison of impact sound reduction