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SELITstop Moulding Protection Belt

Prevents moisture damage at the wall connection!

  • Protects skirting boards & floors against residual moisture from the substrate
  • Offers reliable protection against mould formation at the skirting board
  • Bent angle facilitates the trough-like seal at the wall connection
  • With guiding lines to ensure adherence to the wall ending


SELITstop Dicht- und Distanzband verhindert Feuchteschäden
Feuchteschäden ohne Abdichten des Wandanschlusses
Technical Data (according to CEN/TS 16354)
Water vapour diffusion resistance (SD) ≥ 100 m
Product data
Article number 73166
Material XPS-Foam + PET-Film
Format 7.5 cm x 20 m
Band anbringen
1 | Align the tape with the self-adhesive face down at right angles to the wall, remove the adhesive cover and press on the tape. The seam should sit exactly at the corner of the wall connection.
Falz anschneiden
2 | Cut (2.1) for the corners the tape to the self-adhesive half to fold and bend the tape so that the lower edges overlap.