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For peak values in acoustic & load!

Thanks to the innovative TwinFoam™ technology, SELITPRO® 3 mm combines peak values in acoustic and loading capacity. This is reflected in an optimum walking noise and impact sound reduction as well as a reliable protection of the floor under load and use, as well as falling objects.

Protects the floor

Schutz bei Belastung  und Benutzung
Protection against loading and usage
Schutz bei fallenden Gegenständen
Protection against falling objects
Schutz bei punktuellen  Unebenheiten
Protection against unevenness

Improves living comfort

Reduzierung des  Trittschalls
Noise reduction in surrounding areas
Reduzierung des  Gehschalls
Noise reduction in room of use
Eignung bei  Fußbodenheizung*
Compatibility with underfloor heating*

Ingeniously simple to process

easy lay - Genial einfach zu verlegen
Ingeniously simple to lay
easy click - Genial einfach zu verbinden
Ingeniously simple to connect
easy cut - Genial einfach zu schneiden
Ingeniously simple to cut
Technical Data (according to CEN/TS 16354)
Punctual conformability (PC)up to 1 mm
Compressive strength (CS)≥ 120 kPa
Compressive creep (CC) ≥ 25 kPa
Dynamic load (DL25) ≥ 1.000.000 Cycles
Resistance to large ball (RLB) ≥ 120 cm
Water vapour diffusion resistance (SD) ≥ 200 m
Thermal resistance (R) ∼ 0.060 m2K/W
Impact sound reduction (IS) up to 21 dB
Reaction to fire (RTF) Efl
Product data
Article number 73640
Thickness 2.2 mm
Format 1.2 x 7.5 m
Package content 9 m2 + Alu-Tape
Compatibility with underfloor heating Yes, if laminate R < 0.09 m2K/W (e.g. laminate up to approx. 8 mm)

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