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SELITAC 5 mm AquaStop

Ideal for cold floors!

Outstanding noise insulation values, reliable protection from heavy loads, superb thermal insulation as well as optimum compensation of unevenness make SELITAC® 5 mm AquaStop  the best product in the SELIT portfolio.

SELITAC® 5 mm AquaStop features an integrated vapour-retarder as a combination product and therefore uses AquaStop™ technology to protect the floor covering against moisture damage.

Protects the floor

Schutz bei Belastung  und Benutzung
Protection against loading and usage
Schutz bei fallenden  Gegenständen
Protection against falling objects
Schutz bei punktuellen  Unebenheiten
Protection against unevenness

Improves living comfort

Reduzierung des  Trittschalls
Noise reduction in surrounding areas
Reduzierung des  Gehschalls
Noise reduction in room of use
Wärmedämmung bei  fußkalten Böden
Thermal insulation underfoot

Ingeniously simple to process

easy lay - Genial einfach zu verlegen
Ingeniously simple to lay
easy click - Genial einfach zu verbinden
Ingeniously simple to connect
easy cut - Genial einfach zu schneiden
Ingeniously simple to cut

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Technical Data (according to CEN/TS 16354)
Punctual conformability (PC)up to 4 mm
Compressive strength (CS)≥ 90 kPa
Compressive creep (CC) ≥ 25 kPa
Dynamic load (DL25) ≥ 250.000 Cycles
Resistance to large ball (RLB) ≥ 140 cm
Water vapour diffusion resistance (SD) ≥ 100 m
Thermal resistance (R) ∼ 0.143 m2K/W
Impact sound reduction (IS) up to 22 dB
Reaction to fire (RTF) Efl
Product data
Article number 73661
Thickness 5 mm
Format 0.8 x 6.25 m
Package content 5 m2
Compatibility with underfloor heating No
Boden kehren
1 | Clean subfloor
Unterlage auslegen
2 | Lay out first underlay row
Stöße abkleben
3 | Mask edges
Dicht- und Distanzband verlegen
4 | Seal wall connection
Lay out laminate
5 | Lay out laminate
Schritte 2-5 wiederholen
6 | Repeat steps 2-5

Threetimes simple to process