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Laminate underlays / Parquet underlays

SELIT-PRO Wood flooring / laminate underlays


The underlays of the SELITPRO® series impress with their outstanding performance data. The SELITPRO® 2.2 mm AquaStop with TwinFoam Technology is one of the best-performing products in terms of acoustics and load-bearing capacity.

SELITFLEX Wood flooring / laminate underlays


The 2-in-1 combination products of the SELITFLEX® series combine insulation and moisture protection in a single product. They are used for special applications, for example, for laying over underfloor heating systems or on cold substrates.

SELITAC Wood flooring / laminate underlays


The products of the SELITAC® series are among our premium products. The high-pressure-resistant, extruded polystyrene foam guarantees outstanding performance data and a long service life for your underlay. 

ÖKOLIT Wood flooring / laminate underlays


The ÖKOLIT® underlays are made of renewable raw materials and are therefore ideal for environmentally-compatible renovations. 

TRITTEX parquet underlays


The standard products of the TRITTEX® series are suitable for less heavily frequented areas. The soft underlay offers sufficient noise insulation characteristics. 

SELITstop accessories


The accessory products of the SELITstop® series are essential to ensure professional laying. They guarantee moisture protection in line with standards.

Product guide

Our product guide helps you quickly to locate suitable product for your particular installation situation - clearly comprehensible and step by step!

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