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Laminate underlays / Parquet underlays

Laminat- und Parkettunterlagen

It's all about the underlay – protect your floors!

Your laminate or parquet floor must withstand a considerable amount of use. It is tumbled on, run on, and skipped on. With the correct underlays, the floor and the click-fit connection remain unaffected by all these stresses. As do your neighbours, thanks to outstanding impact noise insulation characteristics that keep things nice and quiet in adjacent rooms.

The SELIT product range offers a wide selection of underlays - for every type of requirement and for the most diverse conditions. 

Vinyl flooring underlay / Design flooring underlay

SELITBLOC Vinylunterlagen / Designbodenunterlagen

What's underneath is what counts – greater comfort for vinyl floors!

The SELITBLOC® vinyl and design flooring underlay has been specially developed for these requirements. It protects the vinyl floor from damage to the click-fit connection, which can occur if the floor is not laid flat due to minor irregularities in the substrate. Thanks to its outstanding noise insulation characteristics, it also ensures a comfortable acoustic ambience.

In our download area, you can find numerous flyers and brochures containing all information about our products. Here, you will also find the technical product information sheets.

Become an expert in the art of laying laminate correctly at our SELIT Academy. What do you need to consider when laying? Which professional tips will help you?

Compare all laminate and parquet underlays at a glance - clearly and informatively - based on technical evaluations and the respective application areas.