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SELIT North America celebrates 5th anniversary

In order to serve the North American more directly and quickly, SELIT North America was founded in 2010 and the first XPS extrusion line North America was set up.

With the distribution company in Atlanta (GA) and the production plant in Plattsburgh (NY), the plant area extends to 40,000 m².

High demand soon led to plans being drawn up for a second extrusion line, which was finally installed in 2013. Production capacity was then increased to 45 million square metres. To ensure even more efficient operation, an ultra-modern XPS recycling plant was added that recycles all production waste and feeds it back into the production process.

SELIT North America caters exclusively to the North America market, supplying installation underlays for pre-attachment as well as semi-finished products that are packaged by our cooperation and license partner PLI Pak Lite and distributed to the DIY trade.

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  Mrs. Lydia Bober
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