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Tips & tricks from the underlay experts

The easy lay® folding panel system makes it possible to lay long layers without joints, which also lie flat immediately and are easy to seal.

The folding panels are also space-saving and easy to transport in a vehicle - the format is similar to that of the laminate packages.

To prevent the formation of noise bridges and to avoid damage to the floor covering and in particular to the click-fit connection, care should be taken to ensure that no voids and overlaps are created when the individual insulating layers are laid.

The easy click® contour allows individual layers to be clicked together to eliminate the possibility of sliding. This prevents the formation of voids and overlaps and provides lasting protection for the floor covering.

A precise fit is required, particularly in the connection area to the door, in rooms with unusual angles, or in areas around radiators.

The grid pattern printed onto the film allows the insulating underlay to be cut to size without the need for aids.

easy cut® – ingeniously simple to cut!

Wedges made of wood or plastic create the necessary edge clearance between the floor covering and the wall. However, the wedges often become jammed between the floor covering and the wall or shift while the floorboards are laid. As a result, rework is constantly required.

With the SELITstop® Sealing & Spacer Belt, 2 problems are solved by one product. First of all, the SELITstop® Sealing & Spacer Belt ensures that moisture protection in the wall connection area complies with standards, thereby protecting the floor covering and skirting board from moisture and mould.
In addition, the PE foam on the spacer functions guarantees spacing in line with standards and eliminates the need for all conventional wedges. Simply glue the SELITstop® Sealing & Spacer Belt onto the installation underlay or moisture protection film, lay the floor covering and pull out the foam - and the job is done!

The laying of a floating floor on old wooden floorboards is a very specific laying situation that calls for a certain amount of preparatory work. In many cases, the floorboards have a concave void and are higher at the edges than in the middle. Very often, you will also find large gaps between the floorboards. If these problematic areas exhibit major irregularities, they must be sealed with a filling or bedding solution. OSB panels/underlay panels are then laid over this as a floor substrate. In this way, you will create a perfectly level substrate.

Once you have a level surface, you can lay the installation underlay on this substrate. When doing so, make sure to use an underlay WITHOUT AquaStopTM technology as the trapped moisture may damage the wooden substrate in certain circumstances. We recommend laying with SELITAC® 5 mm, SELITAC® 3 mm or SELITAC® 2.2 mm.

If the floorboards have smaller uneven spots, an installation underlay can compensate for these on its own, which means that it can be laid directly over the wooden floorboards. The thicker the underlay, the bigger the uneven spots can be.

In these situations, always observe our laying instructions and the instructions supplied by the floor covering manufacturer.

The wall connection area is one of the most sensitive areas that you must deal with when laying floating floors. A lack of moisture protection or the wrong moisture protection here can allow mould and moisture to cause permanent damage to the skirting board and the floor covering.

With the SELITstop® Moulding Protection Belt, there is a simple solution to this problem. The SELITstop® Moulding Protection Belt with its pre-creased bent angle facilitates the trough-like seal at the wall connection, thereby protecting the skirting board and the floor covering from residual moisture from the substrate.

Alternatively, the SELITstop® Sealing & Spacer Belt also provides moisture protection at the wall connection that complies with standards. In addition, the SELITstop® Sealing & Spacer Belt eliminates the need for wedges with its removable PE foam that serves as an edge spacer.

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