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Why do I need impact noise reduction?

Darum ist eine Trittschalldämmung notwendig?

Throughout its lifetime, a laminate floor must withstand a fair amount of stress arising from everyday use or from heavy items of furniture. To ensure that you can enjoy your floor for longer, an installation underlay has an essential role to play in maintaining the functionality and durability of the floor covering. It acts as the connection between the floor covering and the substrate and should perform the following functions:

  • Ensuring correct installation

This includes compensating for unevenness and creating a level installation surface that permits a floating installation.

  • Providing lasting protection for the floor

This includes protecting the floor from everyday stresses, for example, caused by footfall and falling objects, as well as protecting it against rising residual trapped moisture.

  • Improving the characteristics of the floor

In addition to reducing impact and footfall noise, the underlay also influences thermal insulation and walking comfort.

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