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The standards for vinyl underlays!

Regelwerke EPLF

Following many years of preparation across numerous working groups at European level (CEN), but also within the MMFA association, an official body of rules and regulations for vinyl and design floor underlays has now been published for the first time.

 „Technical Specification“ CEN/TS 16354

This official document of the European Commission first of all addresses all relevant criteria of a vinyl floor underlay and contains binding specifications of suitable test methods. This aims to ensure that product characteristics are tested according to the same criteria. The document is also a possible precursor to an upcoming European product standard.

Technical data sheet of the MMFA

Similar to the EPLF data sheet, the MMFA data sheet is based on CEN/TS 16354 and therefore supplements the European document. For all relevant requirements that a vinyl underlay must fulfil, the data sheet provides explanations and specific recommendations with regard to technical data. In this way, minimum requirements that a vinyl floor underlay must fulfil are defined. However, there are recommendations for higher requirements.

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