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SELIT check list: What must I consider before laying?

The procedure for laying our underlays is fundamentally very straightforward. However, you will encounter problems if you have started laying the material only to discover, for example, that you have forgotten a particular tool and do not have it to hand. To ensure that neither tools (also for laying laminate) nor materials are forgotten, we have compiled a check list for you.


  • Folding ruler/measuring tape

  • Cutter blade

  • Pull bar (for laminate/parquet only)

  • Compass saw (for laminate/parquet only)

  • Mallet (for laminate/parquet only)

  • Hammer (only for flooring installation)

  • Laminate cutter or mitre saw (for laminate/parquet only)

At the DIY-store / Material

  • Sufficient packages of installation underlays (approx. + 10% of room size)

  • Sufficient packages of laminate / parquet (approx. + 10% of room size)

  • Do not forget moisture protection or 2-in-1-product! Only on mineral substrates

  • SELITstop® Alu-Tape for taping the butt joints

  • SELITstop® Moulding Protection Belt for moisture protection in line with standards in the wall connection area
    SELITstop® Sealing & Spacer Belt for moisture protection and spacing in line with standards

Before laying

Beschaffenheit des Unterbodens
  • Is the subfloor even, clean, dry, tensile and compression strength (DIN 18365)?

  • If the ground is cleaned with a broom and existing adhesives or paint residues removed completely?

  • Are all occasional irregularities greater than 4 mm leveled?

  • Is it ensured that the underground is in a state of equilibrium moisture content, and the CM-value below 2.0% (in cement screed) or under 0.5% (with anhydrite screed and anhydrite screed)?

During processing

Während der Verlegung
  • Always lay laminate with incidence of light

  • To start, place the first sheet of the installation underlay with the aluminium side face-up flush with the wall across the entire width of the room.

  • Lay the laminate floor in the same direction as the underlay. The processing information of the laminate floor producer should be considered as binding specification.

  • Do not strain the underlay; if necessary put a laminate board under your knees/feet in oder to spread the load.

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