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6 reasons why SELITBLOC should be laid under every vinyl floor

To ensure the durability and longevity of vinyl floors, an underlay is generally recommended for floating floors. It ensures the functionality and longevity of the floor and offers the following advantages:

1. It protects the floor from irregularities

Schützt den Boden bei Unebenheiten

Nearly every screed exhibits at least minor irregular spots. SELITBLOC® can perfectly absorb and even out such irregularities, providing the floor with support that is even and simultaneously free of voids. 

2. It prevents outlining of the substrate (telegraphing effect)

Kein Abzeichnen des Untergrundes

Vinyl floors are flexible and adapt to the substrate. This creates a risk of the substrate being outlined in the floor (known as the telegraphing effect). SELITBLOC® significantly reduces this risk.

3. It prevents the floorboards from sliding

Kein Verrutschen der Dielen

The slip-resistant GripTec® surface of SELITBLOC® ensures that floorboards cannot slide, thus preventing the formation of gaps

4. It suppresses impact noise

Vermindert den Trittschall

Vinyl floors are considered extremely quiet - which is true in the room itself but these floors are quite loud in the rooms underneath. With SELITBLOC®, the reduction in impact noise can be increased from approximately 3 dB (without underlay) to up to 19 dB - a very significant difference.

5. It reduces footfall noise

Reduzierung des Gehschalls

Even though vinyl floors are considered to be extremely quiet, the SELITBLOC® vinyl and design floor underlay can achieve an additional reduction of footfall noise by up to 3 dB (A).

6. It ensures a floor construction that is easy on the joints

Stoßabsorbierender Aufbau

The extremely pressure-resistant yet shock-absorbing foam core of SELITBLOC® improves walking comfort and helps cushion the joints.


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