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Basic knowledge

Parquet underlays / Laminate underlays

Long-lasting enjoyment and unlimited performance

Why are laminate underlays/parquet underlays necessary?

Long-lasting enjoyment and unlimited performance

Welches Produkt ist für mich richtig?

Which is the right product for me?

Find the right product for your building scenario

Regelwerke Laminat

What rules and regulations apply for laminate underlays?

At the end of 2013, official rules and regulations governing underlays used for laminate floors were published for the first time

Vinyl underlays / Design flooring underlays

Regelwerke Vinyl

What rules apply for vinyl underlays?

An official set of rules governing vinyl flooring underlays was introduced at the end of 2014

6 Gründe für SELITBLOC

6 arguments in favour of a vinyl underlay!

6 good reasons why SELITBLOC® is important for an optimum floor construction

Installation underlays in general

Anforderungen an eine Unterlage

What requirements must floating flooring underlays meet?

Everyday use imposes high demands on the floor and underlay

Checkliste: Vor der Verlegung

What needs to be taken into account before laying commences?

Here you will find everything you need to know about the necessary preparations in advance of laying

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