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SELITstop Sealing Edge Spacer.
2 benefits in 1 product

Innovative Sealing & Spacer Belt aids professional installation

With the new SELITstop® Sealing & Spacer Belt SELIT underlines its claim to be an innovative system provider in the area of flooring accessories. No longer specialising exclusively in insulating underlay, the engineers at SELIT have developed a sealing tape that not only protects against moisture but also guarantees the necessary distance between floor and wall with its integrated, detachable distance foam, making spacing wedges superfluous.

Benefit 1: Protects against moisture

The SELITstop® Sealing & Spacer Belt is used along wall joints where a seal is required to avoid damage caused by moisture. The angled gluing required in these areas, which previously required a great deal of intricate fumbling, is now made much simpler thanks to the stable, self-adhesive sealing tape, a combination of XPS foam and PET film. The adhesive is applied directly to the moisture barrier – in other words onto a PE film or combination product.

Benefit 2: Replaces the need for wedges

The SELITstop® Sealing & Spacer Belt is grooved in the centre to allow the tape to be precision-fit into the angle of the wall. The self-adhesive strips allow the insulating tape to be easily fixed to the underlay. When the flooring is laid, the integrated PE foam strip ensures the required distance between the wall and the flooring. After laying the entire usable floor, the PE foam strip is simply pulled out, and all that remains is the required expansion joint, which is later covered by the skirting board.

With the introduction of SELITstop® Sealing & Spacer Belt, there are no more obstacles in the way of the professional installation of flooring solutions


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